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sparkle logo10% Store Discount on all items sold through our store, Milky's Tradin' Post. Members, to receive a Store Discount, please login on the Store Homepage and the 10% store discount code will automatically be applied to the shopping cart.

Point Accumulation through a daily quiz: The multiple choice questions will consist of U.S. and World History, Geography, Science, Plant and Animal Facts and General Knowledge Trivia. Some of these questions will require simple research to answer, but are designed to be fun and educational.

  • Point accumulation will initially be used for additional discounts in Milky's Tradin' Post at www.milkcasegang.com and to redeem points for coupons from national and local retailers, food processors and manufacturers, our advertising partners.

  • There is no limit on how many points may be accumulated, and no points will be lost if they are not immediately redeemed.

  • Points accumulated through the quiz may be transferred between member accounts.

  • With the recent development of MilkcaseGang.com, we are in the process of adding new benefits and content on a regular basis.click to view sample certificate Please email us with your thoughts or suggestions.

All members will receive a printable, personalized and numbered Membership Certificate and I.D. Card. This Certificate to the Junior Milkman Club will be printable and can be accessed from your member account page.

Each member will receive the gifts at the respective membership level which includes all shipping and handling charges, where applicable.

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Lifetime Memebership Dues
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10% Store Discount
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Families with Individual Memberships may combine all earned points which may be traded for coupons with our trading partners and to obtain additional discounts for store items in Milky's Tradin' Post.

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For membership outside of the United States, please contact us at info@milkcasegang.com. Membership fees are based upon domestic United States Postal Service rates. These fees are per EACH membership package.

S/H to Canada or Mexico $9.95 / ALL Other International Locations $11.95

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Registration for a trial account will provide access to the quiz and comics. As a trial user all points acquired through Milky's Krazy Kwiz may be credited after 45 days to a permanent account with Official Membership. Trial Accounts will remain active after 45 days of free use; however the point accumulation will revert to zero.
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