Milky and the Milkcase Gang! evolved from characters created and developed by Len and Jonathan Paolillo, father and son, for marketing use in a dairy distribution company in Massachusetts and the other New England States, United States of America.

Character Development
In 1988 the lead character, Milky, was created by Len Paolillo using a plastic milk container as a model. The development of Milky and other characters led to the idea of marketing to other companies outside of the dairy industry. And to that end, the licensing of our characters is available for product enhancement; our former dairy company is our first non-exclusive licensee.

Character Usage
Character usage has been limited to the dairy industry but we, Len and Jonathan, saw greater use and opportunities for the characters after discovering that both adults and children wanted products, such as shirts, mugs, calendars, etc. emblazoned with their favorite character(s). Our serial installment on the Comic Pages will take our characters and your children on exciting and educational adventures. And at the conclusion of each story, the adventure will be available in a combination story book and complementary coloring pages.

Creative Team
Milkcase Gang Productions, LLC has been formed to expand into the world of animation. Since Len separated from his former company, of which he was a founder, March 1981, and served as Chief Executive Officer until his separation, May 2004, he and Jonathan, who graduated college, May 2007 have been designing and developing this company. Both Len and Jonathan graduated from Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts with degrees in Accounting; Len is also a Certified Public Accountant which brings together the creative and practical sides of the company. Both grew up with a fondness for animation, enjoying the products from the major animation studios.

Jr. Milkman Club
While Len created the main characters, it was from Jonathan that the Jr. Milkman Club was born. During Jonathan’s early years, his play time included acting out the part of a person delivering milk, hence, the Jr. Milkman Club was born. Through his early and teen years, Jonathan had worked on many projects within the dairy company, including the design for signs, brochures and milk, juice and ice cream containers, as well as core assignments such as route blocking and profit-pricing.

Café Development
During the latter part of our involvement with the dairy company, we, along with the partners of the company developed a gourmet ice cream and coffee café within out new dairy headquarters commencing in 2001. Our experience in the retail and foodservice segments have allowed us to assist other related businesses when we are engaged for consulting assignments or other business advisory projects.


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